Consumer Targeting

It’s hard to be everybody’s cup of tea.

That’s why we provide strategic consumer targeting research in the form of data, intelligence and analytics to help you tell your story and promote your brand.

Tailored marketing strategy to reach your customers.

Get to know your brand’s true audience

Market Research

Investigate customer needs and consumer opinions of your brand.

Buyer Persona Building

Understand who your target customer is based on market research and data.

Journey Mapping

Track and visualize customer touchpoints before, during and after the purchase.


More than 40% of US ad agency executives use target audience research services to gather insights on their clients’ target audiences.


With only 21% of digital ad campaigns reaching males aged 18-24, this demographic is the hardest for brands to target.


69% of senior marketers use online targeting to alter or personalize digital user experiences.

Target customers with precision

Our experts utilize sophisticated data-driven technology with over 2,800 filters to identify ZIP codes and area trade zones that have the highest concentration of the consumer you want to reach.

Meet your new brand advocates.

Discover your target audience

Our team of specialists can provide you with in-depth analytics and insight into consumer-buying habits. We can answer the important questions about your target audience: who they are, how much they spend and where you can reach them.

Gain accurate consumer insights

Not sure who your best prospects are? We have a wealth of consumer information from trusted sources like Scarborough, Nielsen and Claritas to help you know how, where and when to connect with them.

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