Getting social is a bright idea!

Why? Aside from everyone else doing it, that’s where your audience is! Reach them where they are. Businesses are always looking for new ways to build awareness and drive revenue. Likewise, social media channels have advertising as their main revenue stream. This creates a stellar working relationship, each party working to accomplish their goals and simultaneously helping each other.

As advertising capabilities expand, we welcome new ways to make valuable connections. 

There are three trendy advertising mediums that you can use today to promote your business: sponsored content, YouTube cards and Twitter videos. Sponsored content is a tried-and-true recommendation from our team of experts. YouTube cards and Twitter videos are new to the market and our team is starting to use them now for clients (and our own brand!). Let’s look at three social media strategies you should try today.

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is paying to put a post in the timeline feed of your followers. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have sponsored content posting capabilities. Our search team has used both sponsored content and native advertising (when you pay to have an ad on the side column on Facebook, for example) for various clients. They have seen far more success with sponsored content over native advertising. More engagement (comments and clicks) is always a good thing!

2. YouTube Cards

We’ve all seen the YouTube ads that autoplay before a video starts. Usually, after a few seconds you can hit Skip. YouTube has recently launched cards: a white block with text that shows up with a relevant ad based on the video that is being watched. They work across all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop. They’re so new, our search team is currently running campaigns with them to see how they stack up with other social media ads, but we’re hopeful for a strong result. We’ll keep you updated on their success.

3. Twitter Videos

Since Twitter bought Periscope, video streaming has been thriving on the network. With videos now live-streaming, of course you can use them in a post then sponsor it for ultimate audience exposure. Brands can use videos to show a more personable side of their business, helping consumers to connect more with your product or service.

Be Bold

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to social can help your brand to successfully compete with other players in your industry! As new mediums become available, don’t be afraid to give them a try! Using a small campaign to get your feet wet first is a great way to help you gain confidence with new promotional strategies.