Location Listing Management

Your customers are on the move.

Make sure they can accurately find your location and information in real-time by managing your online business listings data.

Accurate listings equal actionable traffic.

We think locally

Keyword Analysis

We analyze various search indexes to ensure your online presence is accurate, detailed and consistent.

Local Listing Management

As the number of mobile searches continues to grow, we maintain your brand’s information for consumers searching on the go.


68% of digital marketers in North America agree that the number one goal location data has been helpful with is improving the ROI of marketing campaigns.


74% of digital marketers believe the most valuable use of location data is to increase the relevance of messaging in terms of specific mobile moments.


81% of US mobile marketers plan on using GPS location data in the next 12 months.

Boost local marketing efforts

Improve your brand’s online impact by keeping the metadata and citations from local directories accurate at all times.

Drive customers to your business.

Take control of what your customers see

Regulate what information is presented and how your business is found by your customers when they search locally for businesses like yours.

Increase online and offline traffic

Attract people to your website or into your brick and mortar by ranking higher, making it easier for consumers to find you.

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