The New Top Paths to Conversion Report

Great news for GA360 clients, you now have the option to create a Top Paths to Conversion Analysis Report. Much like the transaction completion page or the thank you page, this report helps you understand the most common page paths or interaction patterns of users on your site before conversion. The only prerequisite is that you need to have Google BigQuery setup in place.

This article is not directly related to this Chocolate Lava cake, however, the results of the Page Pathing Report can be just as sweet and rewarding.

The raw data for this report is captured from Google Analytics data in BigQuery and then placed in Power BI for final reporting.

The Benefits of the Top Paths to Conversions Report

  • It helps you understand which pages are viewed and what interactions occur prior to conversions. The report shows you where all your users interacted on your site whether it be a page, social features, custom events or conversions.
  • It contributes to understanding user flow with the available data.The report helps reveal patterns and paths that were not expected as well as support your assumptions about your website flow.
  • It provides data to support changes to site design. The report can assist in understanding common user interaction patterns on the site and support site design questions, such as whether to place a conversion call to action near the header or the universal footer.

Interested in this report? Let your Belo + Company analytics team representative know. For those with interested in Google Analytics 360, contact us today.

Allison Soper

Allison currently works on a variety of different accounts where she installs, optimizes and reports with Google Analytics and other similar tools. She also provides recommendations and insights to clients, performs quality assurance tests and produces weekly and monthly dashboards. Prior to Belo + Company, Allison worked at Weber Shandwick, a global Public Relations firm, where she was an Account Supervisor of the Analytics & Insights practice.